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The Main Course

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The Main course comprises of four par 3, three par 5 and eleven par 4 holes. While the broad fairways instil a sense of relaxation and tee-shot confidence, don’t be fooled as strategically placed bunkers lie in wait. That all-important second shot needs careful thought, as making and holding the greens is deceptively tricky.

The 3 short par 3s look innocuous enough, but fire off line and recovery is far from easy. The eighteenth hole, which is the longest par 3 is a fine test as it requires both length and accuracy. The par 5 holes are fair and straightforward until you encounter the wind which is a major feature of our coastal course.

On average most of the par 4 holes can be reached in two, but the 8th, 9th and 17th both offer a considerable challenge and one feels successful with a bogey on each.

Enjoy your round!

Alex Blown, PGA Head Professional

This is a great course and fun to play. However more importantly it is a welcoming place to visit with a super clubhouse and a brilliant pro shop , both blessed with great people on hand, to ensure you have a terrific day -  Barney Puttick    

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Golf Courses In Kent

Hole 1 – Nor’ Ard

“What looks like an easy opening hole is deceptively difficult: Keep your tee shot left to open up the narrow and tricky green.”

White Par 4 334 Yards SI 16
Yellow Par 4 311 Yards SI 16
Red Par 4 299 Yards SI 16

Hole 2 – Banks

“A great risk and reward hole: Do you take the driver and go for the green to set up a two putt birdie, or play safe into the dip with a long iron or hybrid?”

White Par 4 274 Yards SI 18
Yellow Par 4 260 Yards SI 18
Red Par 4 214 Yards SI 18

Hole 3 – Whiteness

“A great birdie chance if you keep your tee shot to the left. The fairway slopes from left to right, so aim your second shot just inside the left hand greenside bunker.”

White Par 5 486 Yards SI 4
Yellow Par 4 457 Yards SI 4
Red Par 5 437 Yards SI 4

Hole 4 – Tongue Light

“Do you take the second fairway bunker on and drive up the left, or play it safe as a three shotter?

The swale on the right of the green will gobble up any pushed approach shots.”

White Par 5 465 Yards SI 10
Yellow Par 5 471 Yards SI 10
Red Par 5 441 Yards SI 10

Hole 5 – Neptune

“A gentle par three: All the trouble is at the front of this deceptively small green, so take enough club.”

White Par 3 142 Yards SI 12
Yellow Par 3 121 Yards SI 12
Red Par 3 120 Yards SI 12

Hole 6 – Harley

“A beautiful par four: Avoid the bunkers from the tee and set yourself up with a good birdie chance.

Once on the green allow a little more break from the right on this sloping green.”

White Par 4 326 Yards SI 8
Yellow Par 4 304 Yards SI 8
Red Par 4 304 Yards SI 8

Hole 7 – Digby

“Our second par three requires an accurate tee shot, as the green slopes dramatically from front to back. Three is a good score here.”

White Par 3 159 Yards SI 14
Yellow Par 3 148 Yards SI 14
Red Par 3 143 Yards SI 14

Hole 8 – Long ‘Un

“By far the hardest hole on the front nine: Keep your tee shot to the right to allow for the fairway camber, and watch out for the fairway bunkers with your second shot.”

White Par 4 464 Yards SI 2
Yellow Par 4 451 Yards SI 2
Red Par 5 411 Yards SI 2

Hole 9 – Home

“Another long and challenging par four, the safe line is to aim at the gate in the distance with your drive, or take on the bunkers to make the second shot shorter.

Most people come up short with their approach shot so club up.”

White Par 4 454 Yards SI 6
Yellow Par 4 440 Yards SI 6
Red Par 4 341 Yards SI 6

Hole 10 – Shells

“A tough start to the back nine awaits. The fairway slopes from left to right, and the green is the most difficult on the course. Try to play your approach past the hole for an easier putt.”

White Par 4 412 Yards SI 7
Yellow Par 4 400 Yards SI 7
Red Par 4 385 Yards SI 7

Hole 11 – Hell

“A large target but there is danger if you miss the green especially long. Try to leave your ball below the hole for an easier uphill putt.”

White Par 3 142 Yards SI 15
Yellow Par 3 141 Yards SI 15
Red Par 3 105 Yards SI 15

Hole 12 – Castle

“Ranked as the most difficult hole on the course. If you can miss all four fairway bunkers from the tee, a tough second shot awaits to a narrow green with two tiers.

Good luck as there aren’t many pars here!”

White Par 4 433 Yards SI 3
Yellow Par 4 419 Yards SI 3
Red Par 5 417 Yards SI 3

Hole 13 – Joss

“A beautiful looking downhill par four: Keep your tee shot to the right (the lighthouse is a good line).

Be careful with your approach shot, as it’s easy to run through the green.”

White Par 4 427 Yards SI 11
Yellow Par 4 412 Yards SI 11
Red Par 5 409 Yards SI 11

Hole 14 – Paradise

“It’s often difficult to believe this hole is less than 400 yards. Playing uphill back towards the clubhouse, and often into the wind,

it requires two well-struck shots to reach the green where it’s crucial to be on the right level.”

White Par 4 387 Yards SI 1
Yellow Par 4 371 Yards SI 1
Red Par 4 352 Yards SI 1

Hole 15 – Westward Ho

“The line from the tee is the clock on the clubhouse, but beware of the fairway bunker.

Once again there are two tiers on this green, which makes selecting the correct club vital.”

White Par 4 346 Yards SI 9
Yellow Par 4 346 Yards SI 9
Red Par 4 324 Yards SI 9

Hole 16 – Eastward Ho

“The longest hole on the course: Still a great birdie opportunity if you can miss the fairway bunker from the tee.

Once again the green runs away from you so try to get past the hole for an easier putt.”

White Par 5 514 Yards SI 17
Yellow Par 5 502 Yards SI 17
Red Par 5 496 Yards SI 17

Hole 17 – Elmwood

“Another brutal par four up the hill with O.O.B. to the left: Aim at the fairway bunker on the right from the tee

and take plenty of club as you approach the green.”

White Par 4 451 Yards SI 5
Yellow Par 4 441 Yards SI 5
Red Par 5 382 Yards SI 5

Hole 18 – Caves

“A challenging par three to finish: Be aware of the O.O.B. on the left and behind the green. Par is an excellent score here as many a card has been ruined.”

White Par 3 196 Yards SI 13
Yellow Par 3 188 Yards SI 13
Red Par 3 187 Yards SI 13


North Foreland Golf course will definitely test your golf, so are you up for the challenge?

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