North Foreland Golf Club

Dress Code

Whilst we are proud of our history and traditions, North Foreland Golf Club is a forward looking club. Our aim is to be a club where members and visitors come to enjoy leisure and social activities as part of their lifestyles.  We encourage a friendly, relaxed atmosphere based on friendship and respect to others.

Golfers at North Foreland Golf Club are therefore required to follow certain standards on the Golf Courses and in the Clubhouse.

On the Main Course:

Golfing attire is required for all players. Denim clothing, collarless shirts, rugby / football shirts, training shoes, tracksuits, cargo trousers and cargo shorts are not an acceptable standard of dress on the golf course.

Shorts must be tailored (have belt loops and conventional / traditional side pockets) and worn with white socks. Clothing that has endured the rigours of golfing for example wet or muddy garments must be changed out of before entering any lounge, bar or dining areas.

Gentlemen’s shirts must be tucked in at all times on the main course (this includes putting green and all practice areas). Tailored shirts with straight cut bottoms are still to be tucked in.

On the Northcliffe Course:

Our Northcliffe course is extremely relaxed.  Whilst there is no formal dress code we do ask that members and visitors to dress in appropriate leisure attire.  

Around the Clubhouse:

The standard of dress for the upstairs bar at all times is clean dry golf clothing or smart casual clothing.

The standard of dress in the restaurant at all times for Gentlemen is smart casual attire. 

No form of headgear is allowed in any lounge, bar or dining area (exception of external functions)

The only exceptions to the above rules are that: –

Tennis players may wear clean dry tennis attire, tracksuits and tennis shoes in the clubhouse.

Golf shoes (soft spikes) are allowed in all areas of the clubhouse except the restaurant and coffee lounge area. However, members and visitors are requested to use the shoe cleaner at the side entrance before entering the Clubhouse. We hope that common sense prevails and shoes suffering from the rigours of the golf course are left in the locker room. On occasions where the weather is poor and if course conditions dictate we will restrict golf shoes accordingly

Members must ensure that guests follow guidelines.

Children under the age of 16 years are to be dressed smartly.

Club matches, competitions, dinners and social events that may change the guidelines above will be advised within the events announcement to avoid any embarrassment.

Smart Casual:

The following examples are not considered appropriate as smart casual,

Ripped clothing (designed or not), rugby / football shirts, tracksuits.

It is commonly accepted that good taste for Ladies & Men’s attire is different so common sense must apply.

Deck shoes and sandals which may be worn without socks are permitted within the clubhouse.

Mobile phones:

Mobile phones are not permitted to be used for making or receiving calls in the bar, lounge or dining areas. They are permitted elsewhere including hallways, changing rooms and the external club balconies.

Mobile phones can be used anywhere in the clubhouse for other purposes such as text, emails, internet access but must be kept in silent mode.

The use of mobile phones whilst on the golf course are restricted to emergency use only by the player (not incoming calls) or if used as a GPS.

Adherence to the rules:

We trust that members will exercise discretion and good taste, therefore avoiding further action.

Management, staff & all members of North Foreland Golf Club have the authority to politely enforce the dress code. Any unacceptable response to a challenge should be reported.

Members or visitors who are uncooperative or abusive to staff or fellow members will be asked to leave the Golf club.

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