The Northcliffe golf course at North Foreland Golf Club, Kent

It could be assumed that a course with par-three holes can easily be tackled. But over the years, the Northcliffe course – often known as the ‘short course’ – has lulled many players into a false sense of security.

Hole 1, 111 yards

Protected by bunkers to the left and right with a steep fairway. It also has a sloping green that punishes poor putting.

Hole 2, 126 yards

The longest hole on the course, where accuracy is key, especially in the wind. But if you fall short, you’ll end up in the bunker. Par the hole and your confidence will soar.

Hole 3, 83 yards

Deceptively short but look out for the bunkers on the left. If you hit the ball high and straight, you’ll be up for par or even a birdie.

Hole 4, 115 yards

This is a sloping green that seems to require a command of geometry. Gaining a par here is a real achievement. But look out for those bunkers.

Hole 5, 52 yards

So short, you can’t fail. Or can you? Don’t be too strong with your club or you’re looking at a bogey – or worse. Plan ahead and you might end up with a birdie.

Hole 6, 103 yards

Requires eye for accuracy and detail. Running adjacent to the 18th hole on the main course, this green is protected by bunkers. And once you’re on the green, watch out for a rolling surface that can carry your ball. Feel proud to par this hole.

Hole 7, 80 yards

Protected by a cavernous bunker, this hole is a real test of skill. And don’t go to the left or your ball could end up in the trees.

Hole 8, 101 yards

Requires just the right touch and the right level of confidence. If you’re too harsh with the club, your ball will sail past the green. Too soft, and the wind will take your ball to a sandy destination.

Hole 9, 107 yards

Offering a commanding view of the whole Northcliffe course, this hole appears innocuous. But wind blowing in from the sea can carry your ball where you don’t want it to go. Wind from the north can hold your ball in the air. The green is small, so there’s not much room for error.

Hole 10, 107 yards

Bunkers everywhere – but where is the green? A daunting hole that tests the most experienced of players. A challenging introduction to the back nine.

Hole 11, 45 yards

You’d be tempted to think there are no problems here. But if you don’t have enough strength in your strike, your ball won’t even make the green. And you’ll find yourself chipping from behind a hillock with thoughts of par a distant dream.

Hole 12, 121 yards

Many a golfer has seen their ball go out of bounds to the left. But if you overcompensate and look to the right, you may be kicking sand off your feet. A par on this hole is a real cause for celebration.

Hole 13, 91 yards

A large green that invites you to do your best. But don’t end up too far away from the hole or you’ll be looking at a bogey.

Hole 14, 102 yards

It looks fairly easy but watch out for the string of bunkers on the right. Hit too hard to avoid them and your ball will fly into the bushes at the back of the green. Accuracy – and confidence – is everything.

Hole 15, 71 yards

Short and sweet but flag positioning can affect your chances. Feel proud if you par this deceptively unassuming hole.

Hole 16, 60 yards

Almost home and this hole shouldn’t present a problem. But watch out for that bunker – many an experienced golfer is familiar with its sand.

Hole 17, 111 yards

End up on the green and pat yourself on the back – with out of bounds to the left posing a constant threat. But the green has a slope, and there’s many a slip between cup and lip.

Hole 18, 76 yards

The coffee and bacon roll in the Halfway House beckon – and their scent is in the air. But you have to tackle this treacherous green first. With more run than a cheetah, you have to putt carefully or risk a bogey.