The Courses

With stunning coastal views from every tee and green, our two golf courses promise a combination of beauty and challenge for members and visitors alike.

The Main course comprises of four par 3, three par 5 and eleven par 4 holes. While the broad fairways instil a sense of relaxation and tee-shot confidence, don’t be fooled as strategically placed bunkers lie in wait. That all-important second shot needs careful thought, as making and holding the greens is deceptively tricky.

The 3 short par 3s look innocuous enough, but fire off line and recovery is far from easy. The eighteenth hole, which is the longest par 3 is a fine test as it requires both length and accuracy. The par 5 holes are fair and straightforward until you encounter the wind which is a major feature of our coastal course.

On average most of the par 4 holes can be reached in two, but the 8th, 9th and 17th both offer a considerable challenge and one feels successful with a bogey on each.
The Northcliffe course provides the opportunity for members to have excellent golf and hone their short game on holes that vary in distance from 50 to 140 yards. It could be assumed that a course with par-three holes can easily be tackled, but over the years, the Northcliffe course has lulled many players into a false sense of security.

As part of the Club’s lease with Thanet Council, the Northcliffe course also welcomes visiting players to ‘pay and play’. As confidence is gained many learn to love golf and also learn to cope with its occasional frustrations – some even taking part in competitions. Not surprisingly, many go on to become members of North Foreland Golf Club.

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The Main Course

The Main Golf Course Aerial View

The ‘Main’ course, also known as the ‘Long’ course, offers variety and quality, earning us admiration and praise in equal measure.

It comprises four par 3 and three par 5 and eleven par 4 holes, spaced over rolling cliff-top terrain.

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The Northcliffe Course

The Northcliffe Golf Course

Our Par 54 ‘Northcliffe’ course, also known as the ‘Short’ course, is a perfect introduction for beginners and visitors, attracting new admirers while still able to frustrate the most able of golfers with its idiosyncratic charm.

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