North Foreland Golf ClubhouseNorth Foreland Golf Club has a well-appointed clubhouse, which is both modern and inviting. A popular social venue, the clubhouse plays a pivotal role in creating an informal community – something that can only come from people who meet regularly with the same interests.

Under One Roof

The clubhouse serves a multitude of purposes. It not only offers excellent changing facilities and a professional golf shop, it has a quality social suite where members and visitors can unwind – from the upstairs bar and balcony with panoramic views – to the downstairs lounge and the Carvery restaurant.

Having so many onsite resources provides key advantages. It means can we offer a diverse range of ‘in house’ services, using our skilled resources easily without needing to outsource. Most important of all, best practice can be easily shared within the clubhouse, which ensures consistency across all areas of the Club.